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  • Shop Page features filtering option to search by shop type

  • Bugs crushed

  • Button Design changed

  • New Team Member!

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EU Update

Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

24 Sep 2019

New Features


  • The Codex is a repository for creature information and missions. Additional features are planned to be added to the Codex in the future, currently the Codex only features Planet Calypso and Space creatures.

  • This first version of the Codex features creature entries that are unlocked by encountering creatures while exploring the universe.

  • Codex entries can be unlocked by scanning or by participating in the kill of a creature (including healing and absorbing damage).

  • Every creature entry has an associated Hunting Challenge comprised of 26 stages, with the last stage being repeatable.

  • Hunting Challenge missions are now automatically begun once a qualifying creature is killed; there is no need to visit a mission terminal or mission NPC.

  • Hunting Challenge rewards are distributed by the Codex.

  • Hunting Challenge progress supports group hunts, and is not dependent upon an avatar being a member of a team, nor is it dependent on a creature having shared loot enabled. All participants of a qualifying creature kill will gain Hunting Challenge progress relative to contribution. (Loot distribution mechanics are unaffected by the changes to mission progress).

  • All avatars start at Stage One of the Hunting Challenge for all creatures in the Codex.


Entropia Exchange

  • It is now possible to place sell orders for shares on the Entropia Exchange, with a maximum duration of 7 days.

  • Sell orders are grouped together based on price and are executed based on order timestamp, with older orders being executed first.

  • Existing shares can be acquired by browsing active sell orders on the Entropia Exchange.

  • There is a transaction fee of 0.25% of the sale price for all sell orders, with a minimum fee of 25 PEC and a maximum fee of 25 PED. Fees for the unfulfilled portion of sell orders are refunded once the order expires. 

  • An alert is sent to the Message Center when a sell order has been fulfilled.


Chat Channels

  • Avatars now automatically rejoin the previous session’s custom chat channels when logging in.

  • Avatars are removed from custom chat channels when disconnected or logged out from Entropia Universe.

  • Custom chat channels no longer have restrictions on the number of members.

  • Custom chat channel membership is retained across server restarts and client login sessions.



  • Added a new option in Options/Gameplay to “Only Interact with Locked Enemies”.

  • Improved the display of persistent buffs.

  • The Client Loader no longer steals focus when launching the Entropia Universe client.

  • Objects displayed in the Item Info panel can now be rotated using the middle mouse button.

  • Adjusted the size of the recently added News interface. 

  • Loot outlines now only appear on creatures that the avatar is able to loot.

  • The View Achievements context menu item is now disabled if the target avatar has not enabled the Share Achievements privacy option.

  • Adjusted interaction text for various interfaces and buttons (i.e. Auction->Place Bid, Lamps-> Turn On/Off, Body Sculpting Unit).

  • Attempting to view or place a bid on an auction which has ended will now be indicated properly.

  • Added the ability to attach enhancers to an item by dragging and dropping them onto the item’s inventory icon.

  • Avatars are now revived instantly by H-DNA consumables, but movement is restricted for 10 seconds.

  • Added a feedback message in the chat window when inviting an avatar to a team: "Team invite sent to .".

  • Opening Strongboxes can now be performed by using the Spacebar key.

  • Avatars attempting to repair mothership modules will now automatically move within range when necessary. 

  • The interaction interface for repair tools now respect the tool’s range with regard to mothership modules.

  • An alert is now displayed in the login window whenever Caps Lock is active.

  • The Market Value menu option is no longer displayed for items that cannot be traded.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Client Loader from repairing corrupted files upon patching.

  • Added a button in the Folders tab in the Client Loader Tools window to start local data verification.

  • Fixed an issue causing creature names to disappear when hovering the mouse over the buff icon on the creature nameplate.

  • Implemented various client stability improvements.


Known Issues

  • The Entropia Exchange does not update sell orders while the interface is open. Relaunching the interface will update the sell order information.


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