About Entropia

Part of a living world

The Entropia Universe is full of players participating in a functioning and vibrant world. From Entrepreneurs trading on the streets to hardened hunters taking down huge beasts - feel a part of a living world.

With endless clothing, armour, vehicles and customisable weapons, you are able to make your avatar unique to you.

Invest, Trade, Earn

Unlike any other MMO, there are lots of ways to tactically invest real money into the game and earn profit!

Purchase shares or Land Deeds to earn regular income from Planet Revenue. Alternatively try your hand at Trading on the Auction House and start your own Virtual Business! 

Plenty of Activities to get into

Hunting, Mining, Sweating, Crafting and Taming Pets are just a few of many activities you can do in Entropia.

Each activity has unique play styles, skills and requirements - making for diverse and interesting gameplay!

Become a Mining Champion and strip mine the planets, or a veteran hunter battling the biggest mobs you can find - you can do anything.

Explore an Entire Universe

Endless places, cities, valleys, mountains, forests and multiple planets to explore.

Never run out of places to visit, all with unique missions across the galaxy.

Settle on a planet, or dare to cross the dangerous void of space to land on worlds far away.

Why wait?

Download Entropia Universe today using the button below. Join the Real-Cash Economy MMO and friendly community now! Be sure to check out the Guides section to get started in the game. Enjoy!

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