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Sentosa's Reach Mutated Madana Reconquista

Greetings to all readers!

As a means to further reward all the hunters for their efforst in completing this IFN Killpoint Challenge, I will be providing several types of rewards for completing the Mission Challenge provided by the IFN.​


The Rewards

The following rewards will be in place on Sentosa's Reach:

  1. First Ever Stage 6 Completion - For those hunters who are completing the Mutated Madana IFN Killpoint Challenge from beggining to end and are going to finish it's stage 6 for the first time, I will be providing a 1,000 PED reward the Land Area's title of "Renowned Hunter". This Title will make hunters eligible for further rewards on Sentosa's Reach, and other features that may be added in the future;

  2. Renowned Hunter Stage 6 Completion - Once you have attained the Title of "Renowned Hunter", for every completion of the Mutated Madana IFN Killpoint Challenge Stage 6, they will receive 300 PED for the hard work;

  3. Sentosa's Reach Conquistador - After completing IFN Killpoint Challenge Stage 6 25 times you will be promoted with the Title of Sentosa's Reach "Conquistador", which will award you another 1,000 PED for an epic journey;

  4. Sentosa's Reach Conquistador Stage 6 Completion - Reaching the title of "Sentosa's Reach Conquistador" will improve the reward per Mutated Madana IFN Killpoint Challenge Stage 6 completion from the regular 300 PED to 400 PED, meaning that Stage 6 completion you will receive 400 PED rewards.

For more info on joining, terms and conditions, please follow this link

AUGUST JACKPOT! Hunt @Naga, Ayida, Enyo Island.


Earn ~7-9 PEDs for each of your Globals & Lucky Globals win portions/all of the Jackpot.

Current Jackpot : 747 Divine Points

More Info


Win up to 25ped/global!

[Calypso, 23276, 28321, 132, Waypoint]+[Calypso, 28387, 61927, 101, Waypoint] 

Full Info Here


EntropiaFund Bonus Events

Here's an event with extra high prizes for Land ares below.

A #23 ~Royal Club (30200, 40000)
LA #24 - ~Royal Club (31700 , 40000)
LA #46 - Proteron Pasture (18500, 62300) 
LA #53 - Winter Park (18500, 45700)
LA #54 - Atami's Proteron Paradise (21400, 45700)
Medusa's Head - Bakunawa Island (55500, 69200)

The rules are simple:

1. You register here with your ingame avatar name. (teams accepted, Leader will receive prize)
2. You go hunt to our Land areas. Example to LA24 ~Royal Club (31700 , 40000)
3. When you global / hof needed or more you will receive extra ped
4. You claim your prize from Toni Chiee Lahderinne.
5. You have 2 months (60 days) time for claim your reward 
6. We reserve the right to adjust rules or cancel the event at any time without prior notice. Any points won before adjustments will be honored. 

You go hunt on our Land areas. Example to LA24 - Mesa Verde (31700 , 40000) Ambulimax. Each time you get +300 ped global / hof that means 300ped extra cash for you!





Win up to 25ped/global!

[Calypso, 23276, 28321, 132, Waypoint]+[Calypso, 28387, 61927, 101, Waypoint] 

Full Info Here




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