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Oct 12

Halloween 2019 Competition


Hello Everyone!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we are hosting another awesome competition!


We want to see all your amazing photos once again, so let us tell you what you have to do to win:


Submit up to 2 Images of anything Halloween related in Entropia! This could be an outfit, a decoration or something else that captures the spooky feeling!



First - 100PED

Second - 50PED

Third - 25PED


Submit your images in the thread below. Winners will be chosen 31st of October!


Good Luck all! Keep it spooky!


Oct 26

Woot another photo comp - thanks Calypso Companion





Bring on the pain



Oct 28

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away...”




Nov 6

Any update on winners?

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