The Smart Entropia Investment.


Invest in your game the best way, with the highest return rate of any EU related fund, deed or share.


Where does the revenue come from?

Our Shares are backed against 10 Calypso Land Deeds. These guarantee a return rate that is already better than the CLD itself, which is the best in the game.


Other than this, revenue will come from the website ad revenue, sponsor deals and any in-game investments. Worst case scenario, you’ll still be earning more than any deed!


Can I trade Shares?

Yes! The thing that makes our shares awesome is the ability to sell them to other players. We have a unique sell order system. This allows you to set the price per share and amount to create a sell order.


This will then be added to the “Sell Pool”, where the cheapest shares are sold first. Other players can then buy these shares from our website. Once your shares are bought, the money will be transferred to your PayPal account, minus a 3% Market Fee.


This allows you to buy low and sell high!


How safe are these?

Calypso Companion Ltd is a registered company in the United Kingdom. We annually publish our finances, and are under legal obligations as a company. In the event that we close, you will be refunded for each share at the original sale price, plus any outstanding revenue from them that has not been withdrawn.


Please see the legal section below, which will reassure you that we uphold our promises.


How many Shares are there?

Initially, 2700. We will only consider releasing more shares if we have bought more Calypso Land Deeds as backing relative to the amount of shares we want to introduce. This ensures that even with more shares, the revenue per share from CLD’s will be the same as when there were less shares.



Manage your Shares from your Dashboard!

Introducing our ShareHub. This page allows you to track current share revenue and share price over time with interactive graphs.


Buy more shares, create sell orders and view your Share Wallet.


We give you the tools to manage, monitor and trade your investment.


Are you still a non-profit company?

Yep. 100%. Money generated from initial sale just goes towards the cost of 10 Calypso Land Deeds, and Market Fees go towards our running costs. We publish our accounts so don’t just take our word for it!



When can I withdraw PED from my Share Wallet?

Withdrawals will be traded every Sunday. Simply hit the withdraw button on the ShareHub Dashboard and turn up at Camp Icarus gauntlet on Sunday!

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