Sweating is the only free way to earn PED in Entropia. It's the go-to activity for free-to-play players. In this section you'll find out where and how to sweat.

The Sweating Tool - VSE MK1

The image on the left shows the tool you need to use in order to perform the sweating activity. Luckily for you, all new players start with this item!

You can find it in the "Tools" section of your inventory, then right click it and select "Equip".

This tool does not decay, so don't worry about having to buy more or repair it. It also does not consume any ammo!

Once equipped, walk up to any animal mob and right click on the mob. This will begin the sweating process.

Animals only have a certain amount of sweat however, and you will receive a message in the chat box alerting you to when the mob is dry. Once dry, you cannot receive any more sweat from that mob.

Best Locations

While you can sweat from any animal, you'll often find that it doesn't take long to get killed. That's why most people sweat in groups, to minimise the chance of being killed. Here are the best places to Sweat:

Royal Club: There are always people sweating here, though it can often be chaotic and poorly organised

OLA42: Only sweaters around during SSI event (9:00pm Game Time Daily), however at this time you can receive free healing

Boreas: Most new players go here as it is much easier to unlock the Teleporter.

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